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Chantix recalled over cancer risks: What you should know

| Sep 24, 2021 | Products Liability |

Chantix, the nation’s most popular anti-smoking drug, hit the market with a bang in 2006, offering those who felt hopelessly addicted to cigarettes a way out of the nicotine trap.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer halted the distribution of the drug back in June of this year due to concerns about impurities in the pills that create a cancer risk for patients. As of this month, Pfizer took much more drastic action and announced a voluntary nationwide recall of the product.

What’s causing the concern with Chantix?

Essentially, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicated that long-term use of Chantix poses an increased cancer risk due to the presence of nitrosamines in the product.

Nitrosamines are unintentional byproducts that can be found in tobacco, fried food, grilled meats and even beer. Officials have played down the danger of nitrosamines, pointing out that everyone experiences some level of exposure to the substance during their lives.

In recent years, however, the FDA has found nitrosamines in more and more products, a fact that some people have attributed to advanced technology that now allows researchers to detect even minute levels of impurities in various products.

For the time being, however, patients using Chantix are being urged to use the generic form of the drug, Chantix that was manufactured in Canada or an alternative treatment option like Zyban.

Were you injured by a dangerous drug?

Drug companies have an unequivocal responsibility to make sure that the products that they put on the market are reasonably safe for consumers to use as directed. If you’ve been injured by a bad drug, don’t hesitate to explore all of your legal options for redress.

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