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Why is internal bleeding after a motor vehicle collision serious?

If you are in a motor vehicle collision in West Virginia, chances are that you sustained injuries of some type, whether minor or serious. These can include lacerations or a neck, head or back injury, to name a few typical examples. One of the most dangerous physical results of a crash is internal bleeding. Major internal bleeding can be potentially life-threatening if not attended to quickly.

There are two kinds of injuries that can result in internal bleeding:

  • Penetrating trauma occurs if an object pierces the body and rips blood vessels.
  • Blunt trauma takes place if a body part slams hard against something, disrupting delicate blood vessels.
  • Internal bleeding that involves the spleen, liver, heart, stomach, lungs or head is considered especially problematic.

It is possible to have internal bleeding and not even know it. That’s why being evaluated by a medical professional immediately after a crash is so important. You may think you’re alright when in fact you need attention right away.

What symptoms indicate internal bleeding?

Internal bleeding has symptoms you should be familiar with. The signs may vary depending on where the bleeding is happening. Look for the following indications:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Leg swelling
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Fainting
  • Stomach discomfort

Internal bleeding is assessed and treated in various ways. The location, nature and extent of the bleeding can be discovered with CT scans, ultrasounds or other imaging technology. Transfusions can be administered. Surgery could be necessary. 

Some people may be more prone to internal bleeding than others because their blood does not clot properly due to disease, liver problems or if they take blood-thinning medications.

Don’t try to diagnose yourself

If you have indications of internal bleeding after a motor vehicle accident, get medically evaluated as soon as possible. Your physical well-being is paramount. Dealing with any legal issues arising from the crash may be your next priority.

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