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Winter weather and motor vehicle accidents

The holiday season is in full swing, and West Virginia residents may find themselves running here and there to complete last minute preparations. Even if drivers take extra care, the winter months historically carry a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents. Extended hours of darkness and inclement weather may be contributing factors. 

When people think of winter weather, blustery snowfall may come to mind. While snow is certainly a weather condition that can make driving difficult, it is certainly not the only seasonal hazard a driver will face. Other conditions, like ice or even rain, can make the road surface slick and may be more difficult for a driver to negotiate. 

Recently, multiple motor vehicle accidents during a cold rain occurred on the same road at nearly the same time. This resulted in portions of the roadway being closed while emergency crews tended to victims and law enforcement investigated each accident scene. For victims, the pain and suffering due to injury can be overwhelming, especially during the holidays. 

When motor vehicle accidents cause serious injuries, victims are immediately faced with physical pain and suffering, but may also struggle to overcome mental or emotional trauma and financial hardship due to outstanding medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and damage to a vehicle or other personal property. If the accident was the fault of another party, relief may be available through successful legal action against the driver at fault. Often, an attorney that has experience handling West Virginia motor vehicle accidents claims can assist a victim through each step of the legal process and work towards a favorable outcome that includes any applicable compensation for losses and damage suffered by a victim. 

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