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Oh Deer! Hunting and personal injury

Especially during the autumn and winter months, hunting is a popular sport in West Virginia. Hunters must obtain a license and follow myriad of rules that define things like which weapons are acceptable for hunting, the seasons for each species, bag limits, locations and other important regulations. Even experienced hunters can be injured in the woods, and a recent incident provides a sobering reminder that personal injury is a realistic scenario. 

According to reports, a man was attempting to unload his firearm. The gun went off, striking a fellow hunter in the hip. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. He is expected to survive, but it is still unknown what permanent or long-term suffering he will have to contend with as a result of the gunshot wound. 

Authorities do not think the shot was intentional, but the man responsible for the incident could still face legal consequences. The victim may choose to file a civil suit pertaining to personal injury. A civil suit is a way to hold another party legally responsible for an injury they caused, even if no criminal charges are appropriate. 

If a West Virginia resident has suffered a serious personal injury as the result of another parties actions, including careless or negligent behavior, it may be a good idea to consult an attorney. An attorney can help a client compile facts and evidence to demonstrate how another party caused a victim’s pain, suffering and emotional distress to a court of law. A successful verdict or settlement can result in monetary compensation to help a victim recover and ease financial burdens caused by personal injury. 

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