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Weather may give rise to increased motor vehicle accidents

It is Winter Weather Awareness Week, and some West Virginia residents have already had reason to worry. In parts of the state that have already seen snowfall and other inclement conditions, residents are quickly reminded about the dangers that lurk. It is not unusual for motor vehicle accidents to increase during the winter months. 

Experts have compiled a list of tips that can help people stay safe. It is important to bear in mind that even though conditions may seem ok, weather can change quickly. Be aware of geographical factors, like a change in elevation, when preparing to venture out. West Virginia is nicknamed The Mountain State, and snow, ice and other hazards may begin at higher elevations before other areas see a drop or flake. 

It may be a good idea to carry an emergency kit in a vehicle. It is also important to make sure a vehicle is in good working order, as the cold can take a toll on a vehicle’s battery, and tires without good traction can increase the risk of a crash. Unfortunately, observing these tips for preparedness cannot entirely prevent the possibility of a crash. 

If the victim of a West Virginia crash was injured as the result another party’s negligence or wrongdoing, legal action may be appropriate. An accident can leave a victim to face physical pain, mental trauma and financial burdens like medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work, or damages to a vehicle and other personal property. If a victim is ready to take action in a court of law, it can be helpful to consult an attorney who has experience handling motor vehicle accidents claims. A successful suit can provide relief for a victim so that he or she can focus on recovery and the road ahead. 

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