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Coal mine accidents not a thing of the past

West Virginia residents enjoy the benefits of modern technology on a daily basis. Modern technology can make life safer and can make many industries more efficient. Unfortunately, some industries are still incredibly dangerous for workers, and coal mines serve as a prime example. Coal mine accidents can even result in fatality. 

Though there have been some advances in safety, coal mine accidents are still a threat to workers. Miners are prone to lung diseases and other health troubles. Mines can also cave in or partially collapse. 

Recently, a 36-year-old miner was crushed when a large rock overhead broke loose and fell on him. He suffered severe blunt force trauma injuries. His fellow workers did their best to rescue him, but by the time they were able to get his body back up to the ground level and clear of the mine, he had succumbed to his injuries. An investigation has been launched to determine more precise details as to the nature of the accident. 

When coal mine accidents injure or kill a miner, victims or their loved ones may want to explore avenues for legal recourse. Fortunately, there are West Virginia attorneys who specialize in coal mine accident cases and can help a client file a civil suit against the party at fault. A favorable judgment or settlement may include monetary compensation. Victims or a representative of a victim’s estate can use this money to help pay for things like outstanding medical bills, funeral costs, and other expenses that accompany the physical and mental suffering endured by an injured miner.

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