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AAA warns of motor vehicle accidents ahead of Halloween weekend

After months of being cooped up in the house, many West Virginia residents are looking forward to Halloween. This year, a rare full moon will cast a fittingly eerie glow over The Mountain State, and neighborhoods will once again be creeping and crawling with revelers of all ages. Recently, AAA has issued a warning about motor vehicle accidents, which is neither a trick nor a treat. 

While certainly not meant to discourage people from partaking in what many consider to be the official start of the “holiday season,” the warning does illustrate a reality. According to AAA, the days leading up to and immediately following October 31 historically have a higher than average number of motor vehicle accidents. Several contributing factors may be to blame. 

Drunk or “drowsy” driving incidents seem to rise during the last week of October. Celebrating with friends is always nice, but if plans include drugs or alcohol, it is imperative to arrange for sober transportation. Many communities host activities throughout the week, and drivers must remain vigilant for pedestrians that might be difficult to see, especially those in costumes after dark. The end of daylight savings time coincides with all of these other factors, and drivers need to prepare for the annual task of driving safely in the dark. Lastly, even though drivers are still enjoying the last days of autumn, it is not unheard of for winter weather to make road conditions extra dangerous, as slick or icy roads may lead to an unexpected crash. 

It seems to be a fact that motor vehicle accidents become an ever-increasing risk this time of year. If a West Virginia crash leaves victims with serious injuries and another party was deemed to be at fault, legal action on a victim’s behalf may be appropriate. An experienced attorney can help an injured victim overcome the suffering caused by a crash and look forward to a wonderful holiday season. 

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