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Three suffer personal injury in explosion

Colleges and universities across the nation are often places where important research and development take place. Laboratories at these institutions allow both students and staff to conduct important work in various fields. West Virginia residents may be among the thousands of Americans who work in a laboratory, and a recent incident proves that a laboratory can be dangerous and serious personal injury can occur. 

Rescue workers rushed to help victims after an explosion was reported at a university biodesign lab. Upon arrival, they found at least three people injured. Two of the victims were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, and the conditions of the victims are currently unknown. 

An investigation is underway, and initial reports say a routine clean-up procedure resulted in a fiery explosion in the lab. The decontamination procedure ended in disaster when one of the mechanisms involved became over pressurized. At this time, the cause of the malfunction remains unknown, and investigators are hunting for clues to determine what went wrong. 

If an investigation concludes that the explosion was caused by negligence or was otherwise the fault of a specific party, the victims may consider taking legal action. Reports confirm that no students were in the building at the time of the explosion. When a victim suffers a serious personal injury, he or she may want to consider contacting an experienced attorney to help file a civil suit against the party deemed to be at fault. An attorney can help a West Virginia client use evidence from an investigation to prove negligence on the part of another party and demonstrate how the resulting personal injury has and may continue to negatively affect a victim’s life and livelihood. 

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