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Secret ingredient may lead to products liability suits

West Virginia residents are doing their best to keep their families safe and healthy throughout the ongoing health crisis. Lately, it has been difficult to find ordinary products that can help reduce the spread of illness. Hand sanitizers are a cheap and easy way to help prevent illnesses and germs that spread through touch, but some shocking information may leave many wondering about how to handle a products liability case. 

The FDA has recalled over 100 different kinds of hand sanitizers in the past few weeks. It is not uncommon for these products to contain ethanol, and packaging warns that the product can be dangerous if ingested. Unfortunately, many of these products contain another chemical named methanal, which is very dangerous if absorbed through the skin. Many of these packages do not list methanal as an ingredient, and the FDA says, even if a product does list this dangerous ingredient on the label, it is illegal to sell in the United States. 

Absorbing methanal through the skin can make the user very ill. Using these sanitizers can result in symptoms that mimic other illnesses, like dizziness, vomiting and even permanent nerve damage or death. Since the deadly ingredient is not included on some package labeling, people could be suffering from these side effects without knowing the cause. 

The FDA’s website offers a full list of the illegal sanitizers that have been recalled so far, but experts warn there may be more. A person who has already been seriously injured by these items may have a good products liability case. A West Virginia victim may want to consider contacting an attorney at once to use the legal system to seek justice against manufacturers and retailers that knowingly sold toxic products to an unsuspecting shopper.

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