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Wrongful death: Crash claims lives of woman and her unborn child

Drunk driving continues to be one of the leading causes of major collisions and the fallout of such incidents can have a devastating impact on the lives of everyone involved. Motor vehicle accidents involving impaired drivers have a higher chance of leaving those nearby with life-altering injuries or forcing surviving family members to mourn the unexpected loss of someone dear. A recent crash involving a suspected drunk driver has injured three people and led to the apparent wrongful death of a mother and her unborn child in West Virginia.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Saturday evening when the driver of a vehicle veered through the median and proceeded to travel in the oncoming lanes of traffic. Police say the vehicle collided head-on with an oncoming car shortly thereafter. According to reports, emergency responders transported the driver and three passengers of the car to a nearby medical facility for treatment of injuries.

Unfortunately, one of the passengers passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. Authorities have also advised the woman was pregnant at the time and say that her unborn child also passed away. The man who caused the crash has been taken into custody and is currently facing numerous charges in relation to the crash, including DUI causing death and injury.

Those who lose a love one due to the actions of another driver may wish to better understand their available options for legal recourse, but the process can be stressful and challenging. Following the crash, a person in West Virginia could benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance on how best to approach the situation. An attorney can examine the incident and assist a client in seeking the restitution deserved through a wrongful death claim against the party deemed responsible.

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