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Coal mine accidents: 2 injured after large rock collapses in mine

Falling objects continues to be a major concern for many workers in West Virginia and across the nation. For miners, the threat of falling objects is ever-present and those who suffer injuries in coal mine accidents involving such circumstances while miles beneath the surface might not always have immediate access to medical care. Two miners suffered injuries in a recent incident after a large section of rock collapsed inside a mine in another state.

According to reports, the accident occurred on a recent Wednesday while the two workers were preparing a section of rock for extraction. For reasons unknown, a large section of the rock suddenly collapsed and hit the two workers. Officials have advised that the incident took place more than a mile underground and state they worked to clear a path to help transport the workers to safety.

Although officials reported that the men were inside a protective cage at the time, both workers reportedly suffered injuries in the accident. Both men were subsequently airlifted to a nearby medical facility for treatment. Although no further details were provided concerning how the incident may have occurred, and investigation is reportedly underway.

Coal mine accidents involving falling objects can have devastating results that could leave workers with severe injuries and facing a long road to recovery. Those who face a similar circumstance and wish to know about their available options for compensation could benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney for guidance. An attorney in West Virginia can evaluate the incident, along with a client’s injuries and financial needs, and assist in pursuing the full amount of compensation achievable through all applicable sources.

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