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Motor vehicle accidents: Avoiding a drunk driver

While many individuals in West Virginia and elsewhere may be aware of the dangers of driving while impaired, similar forms of negligence continue to be a major concern. Those who driver while intoxicated could place the safety of everyone nearby at risk and motor vehicle accidents involving similar circumstances can have disastrous results. While spotting a drunk driver in time to avoid a crash might prove challenging at times, there are certain steps a person can take that could reduce the odds of a potentially dangerous scenario.

Studies indicate that one way to reduce the odds of falling prey to a drunk driver is to stay a safe distance away from all nearby vehicles whenever possible. Allowing sufficient space could help a person spot a driver who is exhibiting erratic behavior in time to steer out of harm’s way. Since studies also indicate that the majority of drunk driving accidents occur at night or in the early hours of the morning, those who must travel during these times may find it imperative to proceed with caution.

Those who wish to steer clear of a possible drunk driver may also find it essential to use caution before crossing into an intersection. According to studies, many drunk driving crashes occur when impaired drivers fail to adhere to traffic signals or stop signs. While a person could come across a drunk driver at virtually any time of the year, studies indicate that the chances of encountering similar forms of negligence increase during holidays.

Motor vehicle accidents involving drunk drivers run the unfortunate chances of leaving those involved with serious injuries. Those who suffer severe harm due to the negligence actions of another party could choose to consult with an attorney for guidance on their available legal avenues. An attorney can examine the incident and assist a client in West Virginia in preparing to pursue the full amount of restitution entitled through a personal injury claim.

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