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Products liability: Hamburger buns pose hazard due to plastic

Many people in West Virginia and across the country do not know how a number of products they use are made. While this may not bother some individuals, there is always the chance that something could have gone wrong during production and manufacturing that could cause a product to be more dangerous than anticipated. In fact, it is not uncommon for mishaps to lead to products liability claims due to resulting injuries.

It was recently reported that Conagra is recalling its Udi’s classic hamburger buns. Apparently, when the buns were being produced, a dough scraper was accidentally mixed into the product. As a result, small bits of white plastic could be found in the hamburger buns produced from that batch of dough.

The company has recalled about 2,200 cases of the buns, which were sold across the United States. At the time of the report, it did not appear that any injuries had resulted from the affected product. Individuals who have purchased the product are encouraged to throw it away or return it to the store where it was purchased.

Product recalls can be scary events. Some people may not learn about the recall or one may not be issued in time before serious harm results to consumers. If West Virginia residents become harmed on foreign objects in food, which can cause choking hazards, or other issues with a product, they could face a number of setbacks. In some cases, products liability claims may be warranted if the defective product caused a considerable amount of harm.

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