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Motor vehicle accidents: 3 injured in crash in adverse weather

When operating a vehicle during adverse weather conditions, drivers may find it advisable to adjust speeds to match current conditions. Failure to make the necessary adjustments to driving behaviors may increase the chances motor vehicle accidents may occur and these incidents can have catastrophic outcomes. As many as three individuals reportedly suffered injuries in a recent collision during times of adverse weather conditions in West Virginia.

According to reports, authorities responded to the scene of the crash on a recent Sunday afternoon. The crash is said to have taken place after the driver of a southbound vehicle lost control of the car and crossed into oncoming lanes. Upon entering the opposite lane, the car proceed to collide head-on with a nearby pickup truck, reportedly causing substantial damage to both vehicles in the process.

Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders worked to rescue two individuals who had become trapped within their vehicle. As many as three people were subsequently transported to a medical facility for treatment of injuries. While many of the details surrounding the crash remain unclear, police have advised that it took place during adverse weather conditions.

Head-on motor vehicle accidents run the unfortunate risk of placing the safety of those involved in harm’s way. If another party is at fault, hose who suffer serious harm in such a crash may wish to know more about the next steps to take to seek restitution and they could choose to speak with an attorney for guidance on their options. An attorney in West Virginia can examine a client’s injuries and financial needs and assist in pursuing the full amount of restitution deserved through a personal injury claim.

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