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Company paying $1B to settle defective medical device cases

West Virginia patients trust that medical devices and products are safe to use and have been thoroughly tested. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens, and dangerous products are sometimes put on the market. Companies may even allow a defective medical device to be sold despite knowing potential risks. This is what numerous people allege in a case against the company Johnson & Johnson, where it has agreed to pay around $1 billion to settle close to 6,000 cases related to a metal hip replacement.

Victims allege that Johnson & Johnson knew that there were additional risks to certain metal Pinnacle hip implants. Affected patients claimed that these artificial hips caused them pain and difficulty walking. Some patients said that the devices gave them metal poisoning. The patients ultimately had to have the metal hips surgically removed.

There are several thousand more claims that Johnson & Johnson has not settled because the patients in those cases either received hips that were not entirely made of metal or the replacements hadn’t been removed. The company claimed that over 99% of the metal hips lasted for three years, but health regulators outside the US claimed the rate was only 7%. The hips were taken off of the market in 2013 when federal regulations changed to become more stringent. Johnson & Johnson is facing additional lawsuits in relation to other products and dangerous drugs.

No one should have to suffer from a defective medical device. People here in West Virginia and around the nation deserve to be as healthy as possible. Anyone who has been harmed by a medical device has several available legal options. An experienced personal injury attorney can be a patient’s best chance at ensuring that justice is served.

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