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Coal mine accidents: Common concerns for miners

While every industry comes with its own level of risk, some fields are inherently more dangerous than others. Individuals in West Virginia who work in fields such as coal mining may face a variety of potential hazards each day. Miners may be able to reduce the chances of suffering injury in coal mine accidents by becoming more aware of the most common scenarios in which these incidents occur.

One of the most common causes of mining accidents pertains to the hazards of working with and around heavy duty machines. These machines can have sharp edges and hot surfaces that could cut or burn a worker and the injuries resulting from a machine-related incident can be severe. Miners who operate underground may also be subjected to noisy environments and constant vibration, both of which could take a toll on one’s health.

Many mining machines also run on diesel fuel, which increases the risk of fire or explosion due to being highly flammable. In some cases, the possibility of prolonged exposure to chemical hazards may also be a risk that coal miners face. It may also be common for underground mines to be filled with dust particles, and these particles can lead to major health concerns if inhaled.

Coal mine accidents can have a disastrous impact on a person’s health and could leave him or her facing extensive medical bills and a lengthy period of recovery. Individuals who suffer severe harm while on the job may be eligible to receive monetary aid through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Since the process can be complex, a person in West Virginia could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney for guidance in pursuing the full amount of compensation achievable through every applicable source.

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