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Motor vehicle accidents: DUI crash leaves 1 with injuries

The influence of alcohol or drugs can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Motor vehicle accidents involving drunk drivers can have devastating results, and those who encounter an impaired driver may find it difficult to react in time to avoid a potential disaster. A recent multiple-vehicle crash involving a drunk driver in West Virginia has left at least one person with serious injuries.

Authorities have advised that the accident took place on a recent Thursday at around 3:45 p.m. According to reports, the incident took place when the driver of a truck suddenly rear-ended a nearby car. The impact of this crash forced the car to strike a third vehicle, which then proceeded to collide with the rear of a nearby school bus.

While no one on the bus was injured, the driver of the second car was rushed to the hospital for treatment shortly thereafter. The driver who caused the crash reportedly fled the scene, and law enforcement agents say they found him hiding in the restroom of a nearby business. Police assert that subsequent tests indicated that his blood alcohol content was well over the legal limit to drive, and he was arrested and charged with DUI causing injury.

Those who suffer severe harm in motor vehicle accidents due to the actions of a drunk driver may experience a variety of hardships in life. Following such an incident, a person in West Virginia could choose to obtain legal counsel for guidance on his or her available options for legal recourse. An attorney can evaluate the client’s injuries and financial needs and assist in pursuing the full amount of compensation entitled through a personal injury claim.

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