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Wrongful death: Medical errors remain a major concern

Upon visiting a medical facility for treatment, patients in West Virginia and elsewhere generally expect to receive a certain standard of care. Unfortunately, this might not always be what is provided, as medical errors continue to be a growing concern. Families who lose someone close due to medical negligence may wish to pursue restitution through a wrongful death claim, but they might need guidance in the process.

With medical errors reportedly ranking as high as third in leading causes of death across the nation, many families have been forced to grieve over an unexpected and untimely loss. Recent studies indicate that these errors claim the lives of as many as 250,000 patients each year. Many more may suffer severe harm to health due to such negligence, and patient care remains a concern in a variety of medical settings.

Medical negligence can take numerous forms, ranging anywhere from errors during surgery to patient neglect or abuse. Patients who are subjected to neglect can develop serious conditions that if not treated, can prove exceedingly harmful, or even fatal. Diagnostic errors also remain a serious issue, as an incorrect or missed diagnosis can lead to improper paths of treatment or leave a condition unattended for prolonged periods, both of which can have disastrous results.

Families who lose a loved one due to medical negligence may wish to hold the responsible party accountable, but the civil justice system can be difficult to navigate alone. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can provide person in West Virginia with guidance on the next steps to take. An attorney can examine the client’s situation and assist him or her in pursuing the full amount of compensation entitled through a wrongful death claim.

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