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Motor vehicle accidents: 2 injured, 2 killed in late-night crash

The holiday season is a time for travel for many individuals, and while en route to visit family and friends, it might not be uncommon for a driver to encounter unfamiliar roads. Unfortunately, being unfamiliar with an area can be somewhat hazardous and a lack of preparation could increase the risks that motor vehicle accidents might occur. A recent collision in West Virginia has killed two individuals and left two others with injuries.

Law enforcement agents advised the incident took place as two individuals from a neighboring state were driving along a local interstate on a recent Saturday night. For reasons still under investigation, their car suddenly crossed into the wrong lane and struck another vehicle head-on. Both the driver and a passenger in the car were pronounced dead soon thereafter, and two occupants in the other vehicle suffered injuries and were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Although an investigation is underway, it remains unclear what might have caused the driver to lose control and cross over the median. Nighttime driving can have a substantial impact on driver visibility, which can be hazardous when coupled with unfamiliarity of the surrounding area. Should the investigation determine the driver of the car at fault, which is likely, the victims of the accident may wish to pursue accountability in civil court.

Suffering serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents can be a harrowing experience. With the extensive costs of medical care, those who fall victim to another driver’s negligent actions may be left in search of restitution, and they could choose to speak with an attorney for guidance on what comes next. An attorney can assist a client in West Virginia in pursuing the full amount of compensation entitled through a personal injury claim.

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