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Motor vehicle accidents: 2 injured in recent collision

During times of inclement weather, safely operating a motor vehicle can become significantly more difficult. Drivers who fail to adjust to weather conditions can create potentially dangerous scenarios, as motor vehicle accidents that occur during these periods run the unfortunate risk of ending in catastrophe. Two individuals have been transported to a medical facility after a recent collision that took place during a period of slick driving conditions in West Virginia.

Law enforcement agents stated the incident took place on a recent Wednesday and involved five vehicles in total. According to reports, the collision occurred when a driver suddenly began to hydroplane on a wet road and struck a nearby wall. This sparked a multiple-vehicle collision that left the driver and passenger of a nearby van with serious injuries.

Although emergency responders transported the two to a nearby medical facility for treatment of injuries said to be non-life threatening, their current conditions remain unclear. Authorities have advised that an investigation into the crash is currently underway. If the driver who initiated the collision is deemed at fault, the victims may wish to exercise their right to pursue accountability in civil court, but they might need assistance in achieving this goal.

Those who suffer serious harm in motor vehicle accidents due to the negligent actions of another driver may wish to pursue restitution accordingly. Since the civil justice system can be complex, a person could benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney for guidance throughout the process. An attorney can assist a client in West Virginia in pursuing the restitution entitled through a personal injury claim against the party deemed at fault.

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