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Wrongful death: 1 dies after car crashes into bingo hall

While walking or standing near traffic may have inherent risks, those who stand within the interior of a building may feel safe behind its walls. However, these protective barriers may only provide a certain extent of safety, and a fast moving vehicle that veers off course could still create an unfortunate scenario. A recent accident in which a driver crashed into a bingo hall has left several with injuries and led to the apparent wrongful death of a woman in West Virginia.

Law enforcement agents say the incident took place on a recent Thursday morning when a vehicle suddenly slammed into a local bingo hall. According to reports, the vehicle was attempting to pull out of a nearby parking lot when it was struck by another car and then proceeded to crash into a garage door at the hall. As many as 12 individuals suffered injuries during the incident, one of whom has since passed away.

Authorities have advised that they are continuing to investigate the incident, likely in hopes of determining what might have caused it to take place. Fatal accidents that occur in small towns can impact the entire community and leave others concerned for their safety. Those who experience the loss of a loved one in similar incidents may wish to pursue accountability through the civil justice system, but determining responsibility can be a challenging task.

Suffering the loss of someone close in such an incident can be a harrowing experience. With the financial ramifications that can accompany end-of-life expenses, those who face a similar circumstances may wish to exercise their rights to pursue restitution. Since this can be an intimidating process, a person in West Virginia could speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in pursuing the compensation entitled through a wrongful death claim.

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