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Coal mine accidents: Citations issued following fatal incident

Individuals in West Virginia and elsewhere who operate in the mining industry may work with and around a variety of heavy duty machines every day. When performing maintenance on a machine, the proper precautions must be taken to ensure it cannot suddenly start up. Failing to take the necessary precautions can lead to devastating consequences, and coal mine accidents involving machines are far too common of an occurence.

A recent accident that took place at a mine in another state has reportedly claimed the life of a 29-year-old man. According to reports, the miner was performing maintenance on a conveyor belt when for reasons unknown, the machine suddenly powered on and caused him to suffer serious injuries. Although emergency responders were likely called out to provide treatment, he was pronounced dead at the scene soon thereafter.

This incident reportedly occurred just three months after mining inspectors came to the mine and spoke about workplace safety. Operations at the mine were brought to a halt after the incident, and officials have advised that multiple citations have been issued. Accidents of this nature can be devastating, and those who lose someone close under similar circumstances may face a variety of hardships, emotional and financial alike.

Those who experience sudden loss in fatal coal mine accidents could be entitled to financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Since applying for benefits can be a stressful and intimidating process, one could consult with an experienced attorney for some much-needed assistance. An attorney in West Virginia can evaluate the incident and assist the victim’s surviving family in pursuing the full amount of compensation available through all applicable sources.

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