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Motor vehicle accidents: Man dies after being struck by 2 cars

The untimely death of an influential figure can be felt not only by his or her surviving family members, but also by all members of the community. Such a loss can occur in the blink of an eye and under a variety of circumstances, one of the more prevalent being fatal motor vehicle accidents. A community in West Virginia is mourning the loss of an 86-year-old man who was reportedly struck by two separate cars while walking to church.

According to reports, the accident took place on a recent Wednesday evening while the man was on his way to the evening service. While walking to the church, authorities say he was struck by two different vehicles, the second of which reportedly left the scene of the accident. Emergency responders were called out to the scene, and the man was pronounced dead soon thereafter.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident and are currently attempting to locate the driver who chose to flee the scene. The man is survived by children and grandchildren, as well as a wife who unfortunately witnessed the entire incident. Losing someone close in such a way can be a difficult thing to accept, and should another party be deemed at fault in such an incident, his or her family may wish to pursue accountability through civil court.

Families who are forced to endure loss in motor vehicle accidents due to the negligent actions of another party may wish to exercise their right to pursue restitution through a wrongful death claim. When confronted with such a loss, a family could choose to retain the services of an experienced attorney for guidance in the process. An attorney can assist a client in West Virginia in pursuing the full amount of restitution to which he or she is entitled to receive.

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