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Bill Paxton’s family files wrongful death lawsuit

When individuals in West Virginia and elsewhere are forced to undergo a surgical procedure, they generally entrust medical professionals to have the necessary experience to safeguard their health. Should a surgeon be ill-prepared for the task at hand, the well-being of the patient could be placed at risk in the process. The family of former acting great Bill Paxton has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming that a lack of experience led to their sudden and untimely loss.

According to the lawsuit, the incident began when the actor was diagnosed with a heart condition known as an aortic aneurysm. He was scheduled to undergo a high-risk procedure to treat the condition soon thereafter. However, he reportedly passed away just 11 days later after suffering a stroke. The surgeon who performed the procedure resigned from the hospital shortly after the incident, and the man’s family claims the doctor lacked the necessary experience to perform such a procedure.

Regardless of their chosen medical profession, doctors go through numerous years of intensive studying and training before being able to practice in their respective fields. Patients who experience a medical emergency might not have the luxury of time to choose who performs a procedure. Given the sudden nature of certain conditions, individuals generally expect the doctor they are provided to have the necessary experience for the task at hand.

Losing a loved one under similar circumstances can be devastating, and families who experience such a loss due to medical negligence may wish to pursue restitution. Since the process can be complex, a family in West Virginia might benefit from seeking the guidance of an attorney early on. An attorney can evaluate the situation and assist a family in pursuing the full amount of compensation entitled through a wrongful death claim.

Source: CBS News, “Bill Paxton’s family files wrongful death lawsuit against hospital and surgeon“, Feb. 14, 2018

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