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Motor vehicle accidents: Distracted driving remains a concern

There are numerous circumstances in which a serious collision can occur. However, some may be more prevalent than others, such as intoxicated or distracted driving. Despite knowledge of the dangers of distracted driving, such negligence continues to be the cause in many motor vehicle accidents, even in states with strict laws prohibiting the use of cell phones, such as West Virginia.

In an effort to increase the safety of everyone on the road, lawmakers in West Virginia have not only banned texting and driving, but have also made it illegal to operate a cell phone with use of a handheld device. However, while the laws have resulted in a decrease in distracted driving accidents, these occurrences have only dropped by a small percentage. According to reports, the numbers are still alarming, and distraction has reportedly been a contributing factor in as many as 13,000 collisions in the state over the past seven years.

While prohibiting drivers from using a cell phone while operating a vehicle is a step in the right direction, it can also be difficult to enforce, and even more challenging to detect. There are also a multitude of other actions that constitute distraction, such as looking down to change a radio station or carrying on a conversation with a passenger. In some cases, all it takes is one moment of inattention for disaster to strike.

Individuals who suffer serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents due to the apparent negligence of a distracted driver may wish to pursue restitution through the civil justice system. However, a similar process can be stressful and intimidating, prompting many to seek guidance from a personal injury attorney. An attorney in West Virginia can evaluate a client’s financial needs and assist in pursuing the full amount of compensation deserved through a claim against the party deemed at fault.

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