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Coal mine accidents: West Virginia town impacted by another death

Most coal mining communities in West Virginia are established and flourish on the success of a mine. When fatal coal mine accidents occur, it typically impacts the entire community. Several residents of the Horse Creek Eagle Mine community have recently expressed sadness over the community’s most recent loss.

During a work shift, a 48-year-old worker could not be located. He was working in the processing plant of the coal mine and, apparently, usually performs the duties of a belt man or a fire boss. When the worker could not be located, a search discovered him in a pile of raw coal scheduled to be processed. Work at the plant was temporarily closed as workers grieved his death and an investigation was opened to discover the details of the fatal accident.

Sadly, the man is survived by a wife and two children. Co-workers that knew him report that he was extremely cautious and always concerned for the safety of others as well as his own. Many community residents report knowing the deceased worker and expressed sadness over his loss.

Coal mine accidents, such as this one, and the Upper Big Branch tragedy that claimed the lives of 29 workers can rock a West Virginia community. Miners are often the primary and/or the only income earner for their families. When a tragedy occurs, a family not only must learn to cope with the emotional loss but has to also financially cope without their loved one’s income. Many families find it comforting during their time of grief, to have an attorney assist them in all things that need to be considered after a death and to assist them in filing for workers’ compensation insurance death benefits.

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