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Motor vehicle accidents: Failure to stop can lead to serious harm

Traffic signals and stop signs are in place to increase the safety of every individual on the road. When a person chooses to ignore them, the results can be devastating, and many motor vehicle accidents end in serious injury to those involved. A recent collision in West Virginia resulted in injuries for three individuals, one of which had to be air-lifted to a nearby medical facility.

The accident took place on a recent Friday when a 31-year-old man failed to stop upon approaching an intersection. Authorities suggest that his vision of traffic was also obscured by a nearby truck, and after moving into the intersection, he proceeded to collide with an oncoming vehicle. The driver of the oncoming vehicle was subsequently airlifted to the hospital for treatment, while two passengers in the vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

An investigation into the incident suggests that the other driver had little to no time to react, causing the impact to occur without the use of brakes. Authorities have subsequently advised that the man who failed to stop was found at fault in the accident. Entering an intersection without adhering to traffic laws can be exceedingly hazardous, perhaps especially when vision of oncoming traffic is severely limited, and the victims of such negligence may have grounds to pursue compensation for damages.

When suffering serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents due to the negligence of others, victims may wish to pursue financial restitution, but the process can be complex. By speaking with a personal injury attorney, a client in West Virginia could obtain some much-needed guidance on how to proceed. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances surrounding the collision, along with the client’s injuries and financial needs, and assist in pursuing the full amount of compensation deserved through a claim against the party deemed culpable.

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