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Woman and son awarded $15 million in products liability claim

Certain prescription drugs may have side-effects that a patient in West Virginia might want to be aware of before using them for treatment. However, in some cases the manufacturer of the drug might fail to inform doctors, or even patients, of any potential risks that could be involved. A woman in another state was recently awarded $15 million in a products liability lawsuit after her son suffered birth defects in relation to a drug she was taking while pregnant.

The woman was taking the medicine to treat bipolar disorder while pregnant, and claimed that neither she, nor her doctor, was informed of the risks involved. Her son, who is now 10, was born with birth defects as a result. The company AbbVie has apparently been the target of numerous claims under similar circumstances concerning the drug Depakote over recent years.

Birth defects come in many forms, many of which could be serious issues that challenge everyday life. Patients generally rely on companies to manufacture safe and reliable products, and often suffer if negligence is present in any form. Countless individuals have suffered from dangerous and/or defective products in the past, many of whom might have chosen to pursue legal recourse as well.

Injuries caused by such products can create physical and emotional hardships that could last a lifetime. Victims of a dangerous product often choose to seek financial relief through a claim against the party or parties deemed at fault. Since the process can be complex, a victim in West Virginia will often retain the services of an experienced attorney for assistance in filing a products liability claim.

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