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Pursuing restitution following fatal motor vehicle accidents

Collisions in West Virginia and across the country have claimed the lives of numerous individuals over the years. Motor vehicle accidents are often tragic and are in some cases the result of the negligence of one or more drivers. A recent collision involving three cars left one person dead, while police are reportedly in search of another party involved in the incident.

According to police, a driver ran a stop sign and initiated a three car collision at an intersection. Four people were taken to the hospital shortly after the incident, and one of them reportedly died some time later. Police claim that the person who appears to have caused the accident fled the scene and has not been located so far.

There are numerous types of negligence that could lead a driver to run a stop sign, such as intoxicated and/or distracted driving. Although the other driver left the scene, police have initiated an investigation into the crash and are reportedly in search of the missing driver. Once he is located, the injured victims and the family of the deceased victim may seek to hold him accountable through the civil justice system.

Motor vehicle accidents have caused numerous injuries and have caused families to suffer the loss of loved ones on countless occasions. Having experienced such a stressful and challenging event, surviving family members in West Virginia often speak with an attorney to explore the available legal options. A personal injury attorney can evaluate the incident and assist a family in pursuing restitution from all applicable sources. A lawyer can also help those seriously injured pursue claims for monetary judgments against the party or parties deemed responsible.

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