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Collision involving tractor-trailer leads to wrongful death of 4

Many companies across the country use tractor-trailers to transport materials from place to place. These particular vehicles have numerous capabilities, from the ability to carry heavy loads to the possible capacity of storing and transporting frozen goods. However, there is a possible downside to the size of similar vehicles, with collisions involving a semi often ending in catastrophe. An accident in West Virginia under similar circumstances recently led to the apparent wrongful death of four individuals in a minivan.

Authorities have indicated that there were four people inside the van at the time of the collision, two adults and two children. According to reports, the truck was traveling south when the driver apparently lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic. The truck hit the minivan before overturning and apparently bursting into flames. All four people in the van were pronounced dead following the crash.

There has been no indication of what may have lead the truck driver to lose control at the time. While no suspicion of drunken or distracted driving was listed, an investigation will likely determine what may have caused the tragic accident. Although the vehicle was carrying two adults and two children, authorities are unsure if they were related.

Countless families have lost loved ones in similar accidents over the years, leaving them with various burdens to bear, emotionally and financially. If a driver is found culpable in an accident that claimed the life of a loved one, the victim’s family may be entitled to restitution through a wrongful death claim. When facing such a difficult situation, families often speak with an attorney in West Virginia for assistance in navigating the process.

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