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Coal mine accidents claim another life after rock collapses

Coal miners across the country are often forced to face various dangers on the job. Mining companies in West Virginia have made a great deal of progress concerning the safety of employees, but there are still some risks involved in this particular field. While deaths in coal mine accidents have reduced significantly over the years, tragic accidents do occur. A recent accident in another state recently claimed the life of a 33-year-old man.

The man was reportedly performing maintenance on an augur when a large section of exposed rock suddenly fell on top of him. He was killed in the process, in what is listed as the state’s second mining death of the year. Reportedly, the state in question only had two mining deaths last year overall.

The site has apparently been shut down while officials investigate the incident. Recent inspections do not list any findings related to unsafe conditions at the site, as well as no record of previous violations. There has been no indication of what may have caused the 15-foot section of rock to break loose.

Families who have lost loved ones in tragic coal mine accidents often face various hardships. Along with the emotional grief of such a loss, end-of-life expenses can place surviving family members under significant financial burdens. When facing a similar situation, a family may speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in obtaining relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. An attorney in West Virginia can also evaluate the circumstances revolving around the accident and assist in pursuing any financial compensation a family may be entitled to, through workers’ comp otherwise.

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