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Woman files products liability lawsuit after implant failed

Many individuals across the country have had a medical device implanted to assist with a health condition. When forced to undergo a similar procedure, patients in West Virginia expect the device to be safe and to function properly. A faulty device can cause a medical condition to deteriorate and in some cases create new issues in the process. A woman in another state recently filed a products liability claim against a company, alleging that her hip joint implant stopped working prematurely.

The woman was forced to undergo hip replacement surgery and was fitted with an implant. She claims that after some time the device began to fail, and she started having hip and groin pain. She was then forced to go through another hip replacement surgery. She claims to have suffered severe physical and mental anguish in the process.

A defective medical device can cause serious harm to the health of a patient. Along with any physical and/or mental pain experienced, it can create financial hardships as well. Multiple surgeries and treatments can lead to extensive medical bills, and if a person is unable to work during this period, the situation can be challenging to overcome.

Many individuals have suffered on account of a defective medical device. If a company is found to be negligent in the manufacturing of a product resulting in harm, the victim may be entitled to restitution through the civil justice system. Since a products liability claim can be complex, many people in West Virginia speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in navigating the process.

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