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Head-on motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia often deadly

Many individuals are seriously injured by negligent drivers every year. In some cases, motor vehicle accidents of this nature can turn deadly. No matter how safe a person is while driving, the negligence of another party can put his or her health at risk. A recent accident in West Virginia left one hospitalized and another dead after a car crossed into oncoming traffic.

According to a preliminary investigation, a man crossed the center lane while driving and hit another car. Both drivers were trapped in their vehicles after the collision. Once freed from his car, the man was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. The driver of the other car was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Experts are reconstructing the scene as part of an ongoing investigation, likely to determine what may have caused the man to cross into oncoming traffic. Head-on collisions are often catastrophic in nature, in some cases causing surviving family members to suffer the loss of a loved one in an unexpected fashion. If the man whose vehicle was on the wrong side of the roadway is found to have been at fault in the accident, he may be held accountable for his actions through the civil justice system.

Families who have experienced similar losses in motor vehicle accidents may choose to file a claim against the party deemed at fault. Since the process can be complex, people in West Virginia often seek legal counsel during this difficult period. An experienced attorney can provide assistance throughout the process and help a family receive restitution for any financial losses sustained.

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