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Motor vehicle accidents on interstates can end in serious injury

When an accident occurs on an interstate, the results are often catastrophic. With many drivers traveling at high rates of speed, motor vehicle accidents of this nature can end in serious injury to anyone involved. Even if a person is aware of surroundings, reacting to a fast moving car can be difficult. Eight people were injured in a recent collision on Interstate 81 in West Virginia.

It occurred when a northbound car crossed the median into a southbound lane and hit the back end of a tractor-trailer. The truck was able to reach the side of the road shortly after, but two additional car drivers were unable to avoid a collision. Seven people involved in the crash were rushed to the hospital for treatment after the incident. One other person was also taken to a medical center, but his or her injuries were not considered serious.

There were three others involved in the accident who apparently were not harmed and were released shortly after. There have been no indications so far as to what may have caused the driver to cross into oncoming traffic. Collisions that occur at this rate of speed often involve life-threatening injuries and, in some cases, death.

Suffering serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents can create many hardships for the victims. If an injured party is forced to take time off of work for recovery, loss of income coupled with medical expenses can result in a significant financial burden. When such an accident is caused by a negligent driver, a victim may seek restitution through the civil justice system. When facing a similar situation, people in West Virginia often speak with a personal injury attorney for advice on how to file a claim against the party believed to be at fault.

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