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Motor vehicle accidents may lead to lawsuits

Carelessness in navigating a West Virginia roadway can lead to an accident. When motor vehicle accidents are caused by negligent drivers, those injured can seek recovery of financial losses through a personal injury lawsuit. Several people were injured in a recent crash on I-79, including a sheriff’s deputy.

Police responded to a fire on a tractor-trailer, and the deputy was setting flares at multiple locations on the interstate. As a Jeep Cherokee was nearing the site, it slowed down and moved to the far left to give room to emergency personnel. The 17-year-old driver of a sports sedan was following the Jeep but did not slow down and hit the SUV in the rear. Upon impact, the sedan began spinning and hit the deputy on the road, knocking him into a ditch.

Rescue teams took the deputy, the four people in the Jeep and the driver of the sedan to different area hospitals. The deputy was in stable condition at the time of a report on the incident but the extent of the injuries of the others was not revealed. The driver of the sedan is expected to be charged with multiple offenses.

In addition to the charges against him, this young man may be facing at least one personal injury lawsuit. Injured victims often seek financial redress in these types of situations in order to pay bills associated with the treatment of their injuries. West Virginia residents who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents have the right to speak to an attorney to discuss available options and decide upon the best course of action.

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