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Couple files products liability lawsuit after fall

People living in West Virginia buy certain products based on the functions those products are expected to perform. When a consumer pays good money for something that does not work as intended and he or she is injured as a result, a products liability lawsuit may be an appropriate remedy. A couple in another state recently filed a products liability lawsuit after the husband was injured while using a walker.

The lawsuit asserts that the husband was using the walker as intended when one of the wheels fell off. The imbalance caused the man to fall back, resulting in numerous injuries, including bruising and fractures to his spinal column. The suit also alleges loss of consortium on the part of his wife.

Medline Industries Inc., the manufacturer of the walker is named as the defendant in the lawsuit. The couple is claiming negligence on the part of Medline for not ensuring the product design was sound. They have requested that a jury to determine any financial award that may be given, based on damages sustained and various other costs, including legal fees.

A person filing a product liability lawsuit typically must prove that the product causing injury was defective and dangerous. There are different types of claims that can be made under the umbrella of products liability and these types of cases can be extremely complicated. West Virginia residents who feel their circumstances fit this type of lawsuit will want to speak to an attorney who will guide them according to the specifics of their case.

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