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Woman files personal injury lawsuit against Coca-Cola

When people see television commercials with cute little polar bears or people of differing nationalities singing on a hillside, they are supposed to think all would be right with the world if everyone would just drink a Coca-Cola. However, one West Virginia woman does not share the warm feelings those commercials portray and has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company. The personal injury suit was filed after the woman says she was injured by a Coca-Cola delivery driver.

The woman claims she was shopping in a local drugstore when the driver hit her with his filled cart. Not only did the woman fall to the ground, but the cart as well as most of the inventory being transported fell on top of her. She claims the cart was too full and was stacked in such a way that the driver was not able to see where he was going, putting everyone in his path in danger.

There were several areas of the woman’s body that were injured upon the fall. She expressed that the driver did not even issue an apology to her after the collision. She has requested a jury trial.

Suffering during an injury and the following treatment can be extremely stressful, not only on the injured but on the caretakers as well. Having to worry about medical bills, lost wages during time missed from work and other expenses just adds to the anxiety. West Virginia residents who feel they have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit will want to find an experienced attorney who will put forth the effort in getting the compensation that could help ease those financial concerns.

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