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Nursing facility named defendant in wrongful death lawsuit

Television commercials for senior living and care make those types of places look like the perfect home for an aging parent or grandparent. However, the experience one West Virginia woman had was not so idyllic, according to her daughter, who has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after the woman’s death. The claim is against several people and corporations involved in the mother’s care over the last few years of her life.

For nearly four years, the woman resided at a nursing facility. It is alleged that she suffered mentally and physically at the hands of her caregivers. She was ultimately removed from the facility but died just two days later.

The daughter, who is also the administrator of her mother’s estate, claims negligence by the administration and the staff of the nursing facility caused her mother’s death. She alleges that money paid to the facility was not properly allocated and that the staff failed to follow proper procedures of care and protection while residents were under their supervision. She is requesting a jury decide the case and determine an adequate compensation award.

Parents and grandparents who can no longer care for themselves without the aid of others deserve a safe, pleasurable environment where they can live out their last days in comfort. All too often, however, stories like this one hit the news. West Virginia residents who have sorrowfully experienced similar fates concerning their loved ones may want to follow this daughter’s avenue to seeking financial relief by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. An attorney well-versed in the laws of the state will be able to answer questions and give needed direction.

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