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Man files personal injury lawsuit against retail giant

Injuries occur every single day. Some are merely accidents due to moments of clumsiness, but others may happen because of the negligence of another party, which can lead to the filing of a personal injury claim. A West Virginia man was recently injured during a shopping trip at a local Walmart and has filed a personal injury suit against the company.

In his lawsuit, the 88-year-old handicapped man claims he had put the shopping cart he had used in the outdoor cart corral when he tripped as he turned around to walk to his car. He fell to the ground, hitting his head on the asphalt. He suffered other injuries that were not specified in a report on the incident. Upon investigation, it was discovered that his fall was due to a loose metal plate that should have been securely attached to the corral.

The man alleges that his pain and suffering continues, with rising medical bills as one result. He asserts that the company should be held liable because it did not repair the defective equipment nor was any attempt made to warn customers of the impending danger. He has requested that the amount of a financial award be decided by a jury at trial.

A person who is seriously injured typically has to deal with pain management, doctor visits and the associated costs. The stress of the aftermath of the injury can be somewhat alleviated, at least financially, by an award received through a successfully presented personal injury claim. An experienced West Virginia attorney will work diligently to secure an amount to cover all economic and non-economic monetary damages.

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