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Couple files personal injury lawsuit against doctor

When a person experiences relentless pain, he or she will do just about anything to get relief. A husband and wife have filed a personal injury lawsuit against a West Virginia doctor after he performed the wrong procedure on the husband, who sought to ease the pain he had been experiencing. The personal injury suit named the doctor and his anesthesiology practice as defendants.

The husband had been suffering from thoracic back pain, choosing to undergo a particular medical procedure to alleviate the pain. According to the lawsuit, the procedure performed by the doctor was not the appropriate surgical treatment to resolve the man’s pain issues. The man went back to the doctor a few weeks after the surgery for an alcohol-based nerve block that he hoped would help. Instead, his blood pressure dropped, and he was extremely dizzy following the process.

The man and his wife received a referral to a nationally top-rated medical center where the man was diagnosed with intercostal neuralgia and damaged nerves. He says the negligence of his original doctor caused the pain that has permanently disabled him and has left him dependent on narcotic drugs to lessen his agony. The lawsuit also carries a claim of loss of consortium by the wife.

Personal injury lawsuits are not uncommon in the medical field. West Virginia residents put great trust their medical professionals to properly treat their illnesses. When there is a breakdown in that process, patients want accountability, and they look to the legal community to attain the compensation they deserve.

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