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Coal mine accidents happen when safety is not a priority

When employees go to work each day, they have the reasonable expectation that safety measures set forth in the work place will keep them from harm. In a mining community, however, that expectancy is raised because of the level of danger presented on the job. Coal mine accidents are not uncommon and safety practices are continually reassessed. An accident that occurred the summer of 2015 has led to a lawsuit filed by a West Virginia mine employee.

The man was at his mining job when he was tasked with putting anti-freeze in an end loader that was defective. The end loader did not have the required safety handrails, and he fell before he could complete his job. The injuries he suffered were permanent, and he was unable to sustain his former earning potential.

The lawsuit the man filed was against the mining operator, citing a failure to ensure proper safety measures and permitting hazardous working conditions. The amount he is requesting was not specified in a report but will be enough to cover his medical bills and losses of past and future wages. He has asked that the amount of his compensation be decided in a jury trial.

An employer can be deemed negligent when he or she does not follow recommended safety protocol. Whether from coal mine accidents or mishaps on another type of job, an injured employee has the right to seek financial relief to ease the distress accidents cause. West Virginia residents who have been injured on the job will want to speak to a professional with considerable experience in the field of personal injury law.

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