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Products liability: West Virginia affected by recall

Many parents may give their kids a snack or take part in one themselves without thinking much about the product other than the nutritional value. However, some products may deserve more of an inspection, especially if they are part of a recall. Some food snacks could potentially pose hazards to consumers, and if consumers are injured due to consuming the products, they may have cause to file a products liability claim.

West Virginia residents may be interested in a recall affecting their state. Reports indicated that multiple Entenmann’s brand snacks have been recalled due to potential hazards. The recall was put into effect after consumers informed the company that small bits of plastic had been found in some of the snacks. Little Bites brownies in the five pack, chocolate chip muffins in the five and 10 packs, and the variety 20 pack were all covered under the recall.

The brownies, five pack of muffins and 20 pack variety containers were all distributed within the state. Residents who may have purchased a package of the products may wish to dispose of them or return them to the store in order to gain a refund. Reports stated that the hazard had caused at least one injury, and individuals could be cut by the plastic or choke on it.

Having to worry about plastic pieces being in a food product may be a scary thought for many individuals. If West Virginia residents have been negatively affected by the product under this recall, they may have cause to file a legal claim. Information on products liability claims could help them determine whether making a claim of their own could be warranted.

Source: Shorewood, WI Patch, “Entenmann’s Recalling 4 Products in Wisconsin for Potential Choking Hazard“, Scott Anderson, Sept. 1, 2016

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