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Lack of safety barriers an issue in motor vehicle accidents

A recent fatal car crash that occurred long a stretch of Interstate 64 in Putnam County has West Virginia drivers questioning whether or not a lack of safety barriers in the median exposes motorists to an unnecessary risk for accidents and injuries. Drivers report that motor vehicle accidents have occurred there in the past because drivers can easily cross into oncoming traffic if they are struck by another vehicle or lose control. It is possible that the addition of a safety barrier is warranted.

This recent tragic accident may validate the claims that additional safety measures are needed. A semi truck was traveling west when it crossed over the median, hitting another semi truck head-on. It is not clear what factors played a role in this accident, but the collision occurred along a four-mile stretch that does not currently have concrete barriers.

When asked about the lack of barriers in that particular section, a spokesperson from the Division of Highways says that it is not needed. According to federal standards, that road does not merit a concrete barrier, despite what locals say. However, when a planned interstate construction project gets underway, it will shorten the width of the median, thereby necessitating a concrete barrier per federal standards.

When motor vehicle accidents occur due to dangerous roads or the negligence of another party, it is both tragic and overwhelming for all affected. It is possible that a safety barrier may have prevented this fatal lane-crossover accident, and it is also possible that other parties may be liable. In a complex case that may involve multiple liable parties, it is best to seek the opinion of an experienced West Virginia personal injury lawyer regarding legal options. 

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