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The rights of those injured in coal mine accidents

Those who are employed in the mining industry are exposed to certain risks that are inherent to the nature of their job. However, victims of coal mine accidents in West Virginia have rights, no matter how the accident and injuries occurred. As many of these accidents could have been prevented, victims must take care to protect their entitlements in order to secure a complete recovery.

Many of the accidents experienced by coal miners have serious consequences. These include orthopedic injuries, broken bones, head trauma, toxic fumes exposure and even loss of limb/s. In some cases, victims die as a result of their injuries. In those circumstances, surviving family members are left with the emotional trauma and heavy financial burden that accompanies a serious work accident.

Mining companies and their insurance providers will often do everything in their power to deny or minimize their liability. Victims will find great benefit in working with a lawyer who is experienced in these types of cases and can help determine what factors contributed to the accident and which parties are culpable. The well-being and safety of workers should always be a priority over profit, and victims have the right to hold responsible parties accountable for the damage that has been done.

We know how complicated the aftermath of coal mine accidents can be. Our firm works with West Virginia victims and families of those who were killed to ensure that their voices are heard to help them get the full and fair recovery they deserve. Find out how we can help you by contacting our office for a complete case evaluation.

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