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West Virginia police named as defendant in personal injury suit

A woman injured in a car accident has taken legal action against the West Virginia State Police for their alleged role in the incident. The personal injury claim was filed to recover compensatory damages on behalf of the plaintiff. She claims that she suffered physical and emotional trauma, including loss of enjoyment of life, in the accident.

The car accident occurred while the woman was driving in Morgantown, where she was stopped at an intersection. According to the lawsuit, a police car was also at the intersection, but it failed to properly yield. The West Virginia police officer hit the back of the woman’s vehicle, resulting in her injuries. The lawsuit claims, specifically, that the officer failed to operate the vehicle with proper care and breached his duty and obligation to safety.

Injuries suffered by the woman in the accident include a concussion, spine contusion, cervical strain, dizziness, chest strain, lingering shoulder pain, headaches and other complications. The woman claims to still be dealing with the effects of the accident, including lingering headaches and other sensitivities. In addition to her physical suffering, she has also endured annoyance and inconvenience.

This personal injury suit serves as an excellent example of how car accidents can result in damages that are not necessarily physical or diagnosable during a medical exam. Victims of negligence have the right to seek a full recovery after accidents, including recovery of any emotional and mental trauma that they have suffered. After accidents, victims may seek a full understanding of their rights and legal options by seeking complete case evaluations with lawyers.

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