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Tragic accident could be grounds for wrongful death claim

Anton Yelchin, an actor known for his role in the Star Trek series, was found dead at his Hollywood home pinned between his Jeep Grand Cherokee and his fence. It is believed that the car continued rolling after the actor got out of the vehicle, subsequently resulting in this tragic accident. West Virginia readers may know that this particular vehicle model is currently under recall for a defect, and the circumstances could be grounds for a wrongful death claim. 

Fiat Chrysler, the manufacturer of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, has recently issued a recall for over 1 million vehicles. There is a problem with the gearshifts in these vehicles that could lead a driver to believe that the vehicle is in park when it is actually still in drive. The part in question is called the monostable shifter, and it may be to blame for dozens of injuries, over 200 crashes and 308 reports of property damage.

The automaker has not admitted that the monostable shifter is to blame for this most recent high-profile accident, but the incident is still under investigation. Fiat Chrysler has stated that they have a way to fix this confusing and dangerous gearshift. Automakers can be held to account for injuries and fatalities related to dangerous car parts, even if a recall has been issued. 

Those left behind after the tragic death of Anton Yelchin may have legal options available to them, including a wrongful death claim. West Virginia victims of dangerous car parts have a rightful claim to financial compensation, and a lawyer can determine what path is most appropriate for the particular situation. To further explore this option, a case evaluation is recommended. 

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