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Products liability claim for a defective medical device

Have you suffered physical and emotional harm because you were implanted with a defective of dangerous medical device? Not only has your trust been violated, but you may also be left with medical bills from extra surgeries and an extended hospital stay. You may feel helpless, but you could have grounds to seek financial compensation through a products liability claim.

Unexpected complications after a surgery can be frustrating and painful, and it is unacceptable when these complications are caused by a medical device that is defective, poorly designed or outright dangerous. Our West Virginia firm has worked extensively with clients who have suffered due to defective hip replacement implants, but we are experienced with other cases pertaining to medical implants. We advocate for patients’ rights and fight for a full recovery.

Any type of personal injury claim can be complex, and it can be an arduous process to simply get the money needed to cover medical bills. This is stressful for the individual who is already suffering from additional pain and surgeries, but it can also have an emotional toll on the family members and caregivers. For this reason, many West Virginia victims of defective products never seek the legal help they deserve.

If you have suffered from a defective medical implant or believe that your complications are related to this issue, we can help. We know how to effectively navigate products liability claims, and we will fight for the fair outcome that you deserve. You do not have to face the painful and frustrating outcome alone; contact our office to learn about your legal options.

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