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Whiplash: a common injury from motor vehicle accidents

When negligent or reckless drivers cause car accidents, innocent victims can suffer injuries that range from minor cuts and bruises to permanent damage. Sometimes, injuries can be unseen yet still have a major, painful impact on a victim and his or her ability to function in daily life. Whiplash is one of the most common consequences from motor vehicle accidents, but it is often overlooked as it is considered to be a minor injury.

West Virginia readers may know what whiplash is an injury that impacts the neck. It is caused by the motion of the head and neck whipping forward and backward in a moment of impact, often in an accident. Symptoms can include pain, stiffness, limited range of motion and headaches. In more severe cases, whiplash victims can suffer from dizziness, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, irritability and chronic pain.

Treatment for whiplash will depend on the severity of the individual case. Doctors often prescribe medication, either prescription or over the counter. Many symptoms resolve over time, but some victims may need extended amounts of physical therapy in order to achieve a full recovery. 

Victims of motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia have legal rights, including the right to seek compensation for their injuries. A complete case evaluation can determine what legal options are available according to the details of the case, and a lawyer can ensure that an injured individual has a full understanding of his or her rights. Whiplash may not be a visible injury, but it can have a lasting and potentially serious impact on a person’s quality of life, and it should be taken seriously.

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