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Distraction increases risk of motor vehicle accidents

As most West Virginia readers know, distracted driving is a problem that continues to plague lawmakers and threaten the well-being of every driver. Just as drunk driving gained national attention in decades past as a major issue, distracted driving is now increasingly recognized as a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Understanding how and why drivers are distracted may be a key component in eliminating or lessening this threat. 

A recent study looked at 2,151 vehicles that drove by a certain spot during rush hour. In just a small window of time, 20 minutes, 185 drivers were distracted, which is eight percent. This is a startlingly high number of people who were not focused on the task at hand, thereby threatening the safety of everyone else on the road. 

Distracted driving is considered to be any type of behavior that claims the attention of a driver. Mostly related to the use of a cell phone, distracted driving most commonly includes talking on the phone, checking email, texting and more. It can also include behaviors such as eating, talking to a passenger or other activities. Distractions to drivers can be cognitive or visual, both of which affect a person’s ability to react promptly and make safe decisions.

When distracted driving compromises a West Virginia driver’s well-being, a personal injury lawyer can help. By understanding how to obtain a full and fair recovery, a victim or family member can make the most appropriate decisions for their unique situation. Motor vehicle accidents can change a life in an instant, but there is no need to navigate the aftermath without assistance.

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