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Consumers can protect their rights with products liability claims

Some consumer products have hidden dangers that threaten the health and safety of every West Virginia resident. Among the most hazardous are dangerous or defective medical implants or equipment, such as hip replacement parts. When consumer products cause harm to innocent people, victims may consider a products liability claim in order to obtain rightful compensation.

Hip replacement comes with a lengthy recovery time. When replacement parts are defective, it may not be possible to fully recover, or a patient may live with extreme pain and other health complications. Several brands of hip replacement devices have been recalled because of the threat to patients, including Stryker, Biomet and DePuy. These parts have caused many people to undergo additional surgeries and live with undue pain.

Any time a defective medical device or medication causes harm, it is important to take steps to protect one’s rights. Victims do not have to suffer alone; instead, they are entitled to seek legal assistance in order to pursue the financial compensation to which they have a rightful claim. It is possible to hold the manufacturer accountable for the pain and suffering caused by one of its products.

A products liability claim cannot undo the damage done by a dangerous medical device or hip replacement part, but it can be a way by which a West Virginia victim and family can recover their financial losses. We have experience in litigation related to defective medical devices, and we can help you. Learn about about your legal options by seeking a complete case evaluation with a knowledgeable member of our team.

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